Biden Has a New and Unlikely New Competitor

( – A new and unexpected contender has entered into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination – Cenk Uygur.

Uygur, the outspoken commentator who hosts the progressive Young Turks TV show, said that he was running “as a proxy for any other candidate” given that no one else seemed willing to challenge the re-election bid of President Joe Biden. Uygur’s bid follows the announcement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that he will exit the Democratic primary and run as an Independent instead. Self-help author Marianne Williamson is also still clinging on to the race, but has consistently polled poorly.

Uygur has repeatedly called on Biden to abandon his re-election aspirations, saying that at best, the president only has a “ten percent” chance of winning. “We have got to get Biden out of the race,” he said, also warning that Democrats should win the elections next year because America’s “democracy is on the line.” Otherwise, we’re almost definitely going to lose to Trump,” Uygur added.

According to Uygur’s website, his four major policy points are securing paid family leave, affordable health insurance, ending gerrymandering, and establishing a $15 minimum wage.

The TV host, who was born in Istanbul, Turkey, faces a major obstacle in his bid though – the U.S. Constitution prohibits individuals who are not “natural-born” citizens from running for president. Uygur seems to be taking the challenge in stride though, saying that he is confident that his lawyers will be able to turn the tables in his favor. “I have lawyered up… I’m going to the Supreme Court… This case is on our side,” he said, while also name-dropping personalities like Senator Bernie Sanders and former California Governor Schwarzenegger as supposed “strong allies” who will be able to help him win his case.

This is not Uygur’s first foray into politics – he last ran in 2020 during the midterm election, vying for California’s 25 congressional seat. He finished fourth among 12 candidates, securing 6.6% of the vote.

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