Biden Family Under Investigation by Conservative Legal Group

Biden Family Under Investigation by Conservative Legal Group

Biden Family PROBE Announced – It’s About Time!

( – There has been an increasing amount of focus of late by Conservatives on the activities of the Biden family. Aside from the questionable personal life of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, there are also suggestions that business activity within the family may have influenced our leader’s political decision-making. America First Legal (AFL) has begun filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to find out more.

The right-wing legal organization, which operates under the leadership of Trump officials, including Stephen Miller and Mark Meadows, submitted three of the requests to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on Tuesday, August 9. The queries relate to communications between Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and James Biden (the president’s brother), as well as evidence of the financial relationships Hunter and James Biden entered into and any visits the pair made to the White House.

The AFL has specifically requested items of correspondence to and from individuals with business interests in China and Ukraine.

Miller, who serves as president of the AFL, made a statement to the Daily Caller regarding the operation. Former President Donald Trump’s one-time senior adviser was scathing in his criticism of Biden family members, calling their behavior “lawless, autocratic, [and] malicious.”

Do you think this AFL probe will uncover anything worthwhile about the activities of the president’s immediate relations?

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