Biden Documents Discovered in Boston

( – An additional nine boxes of classified documents were discovered in the Boston offices of Biden lawyer Patrick Moore, and had yet to be reviewed, Fox News reported. The discovery of the boxes was disclosed by the National Archives in a response to an inquiry letter penned on February 24 to Senators Ron Johnson (R. Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (R.-Iowa) the week of March 9.

Upon the discovery of the documents that had been transported by Patrick Moore, the National Archive Administration sent officials to secure the boxes and transport them to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, the National Review reported.

Former President Donald Trump responded to the discovery on his Truth Social profile, sharing an article by The Western Journal that described the discovery of Biden documents as “the mother lode.” Donald Trump also shared a clip from the Dan Bongino show, in which Bongino expressed disgust about the third scandalous discovery of nine full boxes of classified documents found at locations that are not authorized. Bongino explained that the nine boxes may contain materials that are classified and that the boxes were “moved” from the Penn Biden Center, moved across state lines before the search, and played a broadcast from the Jesse Watters show on Fox News.

Previously, classified documents were discovered at the Penn Biden Center and a private residence of Joe Biden in Delaware. Biden came under additional scrutiny when it was discovered that his Penn Biden Center think tank had received donations from Chinese Communist party affiliates. Officials with the House Oversight Committee expressed concern that the classified documents being stored at an entity that had ties to the Chinese nation may pose national security risks.

The bipartisan congressional leaders looking into the Biden, Trump, and Mike Pence document scandals, known as the “Gang of Eight,” have been given “a flavor” of the contents of the discovered documents, NBC reported.

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