Biden Declines Super Bowl Interview With Fox News

( – President Joe Biden has declined to give a Super Bowl interview on Fox News, the House announced on February 10, The New York Times reported. The president had participated when NBC and CBS aired the Super Bowl, but has declined to participate in an interview expected to reach over 100 million people, and was scheduled to broadcast on February 12.

The senior TV editor of Variety magazine, Brian Steinberg, tweeted on February 9 that Fox will proceed with halftime programming under the assumption that the president will not participate, after “receiving no comment” from the White House.

Whether it was the president or the network who canceled the interview, the absence of the president during a pre-game show is a departure from the president’s traditional appearance, The Daily Beast wrote.

The controversy over the Super Bowl halftime show has stirred up political debate in the media. Some left-leaning outlets have repeated the Press Secretary’s claims that the network snubbed Biden. Other outlets, such as Variety, have reported that the president snubbed the interview.

Matthew Gertz, a senior fellow at Media Matters, was among the left-leaning group to celebrate the decision tweeting that the president had “plenty of other places” to go for an interview. Gertz accused the Fox network of “election subversion” in his comments regarding the Biden Super Bowl interview.

Amid the Super Bowl pregame show controversy, the House GOP members opened a government probe into the “exceptional politicization” of the federal government, Politico wrote. The magazine called the probe itself “highly politicized” and said that the House GOP members launching the probe have prepared a “Fox News ready line up.”

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