Biden Commits To Moving Forward With Liberal Agenda

Biden Commits Moving Forward With Liberal Agenda

( – On Saturday, March 6, Senate Democrats pushed through a partisan spending package that will cost the American taxpayer $1.9 trillion. Not one Republican voted in favor of the bill.

Joe Biden spoke to reporters directly after this, discussing the aims of his presidency. When asked how he felt about the next four years in the context of his failure to get a single Republican on board with his spending package, Biden replied, “We’re going to succeed moving forward.”

However, given the aims of his agenda, he’s unlikely to find much support among GOP representatives. Of particular concern, is his ultra-liberal immigration plan; he’s already supported a legislative attempt to put 11 million undocumented immigrants on an 8-year path to citizenship. He’s also taken executive actions loosening border controls and making it easier for new migrants to enter America legally.

Another issue is his long-standing opposition to Second Amendment rights. According to his website, Biden wants to ban automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines, and introduce a raft of other new regulations and restrictions on gun ownership.

Clearly, Joe Biden’s talk of winning Conservatives around to his cause has little basis in reality.

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