Biden Caught Aides “Off Guard” With Claim About Taiwan

Biden Caught Aides

Biden “Issue” Reported – He Surprised Everyone

( – Over the last year or so, international tensions have been running high over the possibility of a Chinese invasion of the sovereign island of Taiwan. Beijing claims jurisdiction over Taiwan, but the island has its own government and insists it is not part of China. United States officials typically remain somewhat neutral when answering questions about the situation, but President Joe Biden recently bucked the trend.

NPR reported that President Biden said the United States would defend Taiwan militarily if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decided to invade the independent country. He made the statement while speaking to reporters during a stop on his diplomatic trip to Japan. Biden said his government’s view on Taiwan had not changed and he still officially supported the One China policy, but added a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would not be “appropriate.” Military intervention on Taiwan’s behalf in the event of such an invasion was “the commitment we made,” the president said.

Biden was speaking alongside Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city. The president made remarks like this in 2021, only for the White House to subsequently walk back the comments, which they did again this time.

Do you think this reflects a stronger position from the government on the subject of Taiwan, or is Joe Biden simply confused about the administration’s official line on the issue?

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