Biden Cancels Meeting With Heroic Border Patrol Agents

Biden Cancels Meeting With Heroic Border Patrol Agents

Biden Pulls Out On Agents – Was it a Dirty Trick?

( – On May 24, a gunman entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where he murdered 19 children and 2 teachers. Following the devastation, police and Border Patrol (BP) agents who responded to the call were invited to meet with President Joe Biden on May 29 during his visit to the area. However, some officers and BP agents received a message on Saturday night uninviting them to the event.

Apparently, the meeting was for Biden to address the officers who responded that fateful day in Uvalde. Those uninvited were told there was simply not enough room in the venue for them to attend the speech. In fact, Breitbart Texas reported the US leader would only meet with 7 out of the 80 officials who were there that day. However, the outlet also pointed 

out there was more than enough room to accommodate the officers and agents, so they weren’t buying the “excuse.”

An anonymous source told Breitbart the move was nothing more than a photo-op for the president to feign support for the men in blue. Although there’s some controversy about how police handled the situation at the elementary school, they’re still traumatized by the event, along with the community.

Do you think the president should have met with everyone who responded to Robb Elementary in Uvalde?

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