Biden Calls for Removal of Protections for Gun Manufacturers

Biden Calls for Removal of Protections for Gun Manufacturers

( – Since he became president, and even before, commentators have expressed concerns about just how liberal some of Joe Biden’s reforms might be. We’re already seeing the consequences of this play out in terms of immigration; his relaxed attitude here has led to a daily average of more than 500 detentions of unaccompanied migrant children, as of last month.

Another area in which Biden’s Leftist tendencies could cause issues is gun control. He’s expressed an interest in curbing Second Amendment rights on several occasions. He signed a spate of gun-control-related executive orders just this Thursday, April 8.

Gun Manufacturers

During Biden’s press conference, he directed his attention to gun manufacturers; specifically, their immunity from suit. He implored Congress to pass legislation revoking the protection from civil actions weapons manufacturers currently enjoy.

This comes from the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which Congress passed in 2005. This legislation largely prevents victims of gun violence and their relatives from suing the manufacturers of weapons with which the crimes were committed.

It should be noted that the law does not offer manufacturers complete protection from legal action. They can still be sued if their products are defective, if they breach a contract, or if someone can establish they were directly responsible for harm in some other way.

Is This the Beginning of the End of the Second Amendment?

It’s now clear President Biden intends to fundamentally redefine the right to bear arms during his tenure. He’s quoted as saying during Thursday’s address that “no amendment is absolute,” in reference to the Second Amendment.

Luckily for honest American gun owners, decisions about the Constitution don’t fall to the president. In order for any of its provisions to undergo changes, either two-thirds of both houses of Congress or two-thirds of the state legislatures must first agree to propose an amendment. While Biden can make minimal alterations to gun policies through executive actions, he cannot remove our fundamental right to bear arms.

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