Biden Appointee Resigns After Ethics Investigation

( – A Biden administration-appointed U.S. attorney for Massachusetts has resigned from her position following an ethics investigation, The Daily Caller reported on May 16.

The ethics investigation into the U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins centered around her Democratic Party connections, The Daily Caller wrote. Following the Justice Department probe, it was formally announced that Rollins would submit her official resignation, the Associated Press reported.

The ethics investigation found that Rollins had “violated” the Hatch Act, as well as that she had committed an “extraordinary breach” of the public’s trust, Local Boston 10 NBC reported. The report, published by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, came “one day” after Rollins had released her public statement.

Rollins “willfully violated” the terms of the Hatch Act, the report found, because she leaked information from the Justice Department, to reportedly influence the election process of the position that she vacated to become a U.S. Justice Department inspector general. This was in direct violation of the Hatch Act because the act prohibits certain political activities for federal employees, in the interest of keeping federal programs nonpartisan, Local Boston 10 NBC reported.

Rollins leaked info “filed under oath” to attempt to influence the election outcome of the District Attorney of Boston election, CBS News reported.

The report went on to find that Rollins had committed acts that violated the Hatch Act’s terms “multiple times,” throughout her tenure as a U.S. Justice inspector general. One occasion highlighted by the Justice Department’s internal watchdog and the U.S. Office of Special Counsel’s “161-page report” found that Rollins had also both solicited and accepted “30 free tickets” to Boston Celtics games, as well as received sport and travel perks as forms of payment, WBUR reported.

Rollins’ resignation announcement came “shortly before” the report of her conduct was released, The New York Times reported. Left-leaning media claimed that Rollins was a “top target” for Republicans, The New York Times wrote.

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