Biden Announces 2024 Campaign; Americans Prepare for the “Sequel” Race

( – President Joe Biden has formally announced a 2024 Presidential race, in what Americans anticipate will be a “sequel” run against former President Donald Trump, the BBC reported.

President Biden released a video broadcast to announce his re-election campaign. In his video broadcast, he referenced the events of January 6, 2021, and referenced the “extremism” of the American right-leaning party.

Biden claimed that his re-election plan would protect the fundamental freedoms of Americans, but that the right would take those freedoms through things such as “cutting social security,” “cutting taxes,” “denying women health care,” and “banning books.” He also claimed that the right was “telling people who they can love.” In his video message, Biden referred to right-leaning policies on tax reductions, response to the national debt ceiling crisis, the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, and other heavily debated legislation over sexual orientation and gender identity. Biden’s video was released at a time when his approval ratings were “languishing” CNN reported.

The Republican National Convention responded to Biden’s televised message with an AI-generated ad. The campaign painted a future vision of a hypothetical Biden re-election where China had invaded Taiwan, financial markets collapsed, and “dystopian” visions for the future had been realized, The Hill and Reuters reported.

Former President Donald Trump, the anticipated nominee for the Republican Party in 2024, responded to Biden’s announcement. Trump stated in a broadcast message that there had “never been a greater contrast” between two Presidential administrations in American history, and claimed that Biden was “the single worst” president in American history, The Hill reported.

As Biden announced his formal re-election bid, polling revealed that a “high number of Americans,” including Democrats, do not want the president to seek re-election. Polls found that “nearly half” of surveyed Democrats did not want Biden to seek re-election, NBC reported.

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