Biden Administration To Consider Reviving Immigrant Detention on Migrants Who Illegally Cross Border

( – The Biden administration is considering reviving immigrant detention for migrants who enter the United States illegally, CNN reported. Biden is reportedly turning to “increasingly restrictive” methods, as his administration prepares for the end of Title 42, The New York Times reported.

Biden landed in “hot water” with Democrats over his immigration policy, Axios reported. This is reportedly a significant departure from Biden’s first two years in office when Biden was “remarkably united” with other Democrats over legislation, a fact that helped him to pass a large amount of legislation. The administration’s current consideration of reviving detentions for immigrants who enter the United States illegally has reportedly “enraged” Democrats.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre “neither confirmed nor denied” the statements that the Biden administration was considering reviving the detention plan, Axios reported.

The Biden administration has reportedly held inconsistent immigration policies. On March 7, the Biden administration was expected to grant protected immigrant status to Nicaraguans, Politico reported. Biden had reportedly leaned on the Temporary Protected Status for Nicaragua due to the pressures from immigration activists, wrote Politico. Biden’s policy contrasted with former President Donald Trump, who had sought to end the Temporary Protected Status for Nicaraguans.

As Biden’s policy floundered, a federal judge ruled that his policies were “unlawful.” Federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell of Florida ruled that Biden’s policies were unlawful in response to a lawsuit filed by the state of Florida that accused the Biden administration of releasing “tens of thousands of migrants” through the process of humanitarian parole, Fox News reported.

The “scathing” opinion from Judge Wetherell stated that the Biden administration had effectively turned the U.S. Southern border into a “meaningless line” that had served as no more than a “speed bump” for the influx of immigrants pressing into the United States illegally, Fox News reported.

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