Biden Administration Slammed for Proposal That Would Reduce WIC Milk Rations

( – The Biden administration has received political backlash following a proposal on milk and dairy regulations that would reduce the milk rations for the Women, Infants, and Children food benefits program, Fox News reported. The proposal, issued by the Biden-led USDA faced “fierce scrutiny” for suggestions that would “reduce the amount of milk” that millions of WIC participants receive, Fox reported.

The International Dairy Foods Association President and CEO Michael Dykes told Fox and Friends First that this milk-reducing policy was “stunning.” Dykes explained to the program that the IDFA had not been given a clear reason why the Biden administration would cut milk rations to the WIC program.

Dykes warned that the move would negatively impact women’s and children’s nutrition, as already an estimated 90% of Americans do not consume the recommended daily serving of dairy. Dykes also warned that roughly 43% of all children in the United States are on WIC. Dykes estimated that the abrupt change would likely see 20% of participants drop out of the program.

The Biden administration appeared to send mixed messages with the milk ration-cutting proposal as the president had released an announcement in March calling for funding of the WIC program at $6.3B, the National WIC Association wrote on March 9. In February, the Biden administration made efforts to change the items people on WIC can buy, the Just Harvest nonprofit wrote on February 22. The proposal was reportedly meant to expand what WIC recipients could buy.

The USDA milk ration proposal was initially announced back in November. The USDA claimed that it has “science-based” revisions to change the milk ration supply, a statement issued by the USDA posted on November 17 wrote.

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