Biden Administration Says Last Three Objects Shot from U.S. Skyline “Likely Not China Related”

( – In a press conference on February 16, President Biden stated that the last three objects detected in the North American airspace were “likely not China related.” The three objects were rather “likely from spy entities,” CNN reported.

The president said that while officials had yet to learn the origins of the balloons, they were” not likely part of China’s spy balloon program.”

Earlier in February, the nation was put on high alert after a Chinese spy balloon was seen by a photographer above an airport in Billings, Montana. The balloon then passed over the United States before it was at last shot down over the Atlantic by an F22 fighter jet.

The Biden administration’s handling of the balloon incident sparked political outrage. The original Chinese spy balloon was first sighted at take off from Hainan Island, China. The balloon was heading for Hawaii, but drifted off course, floating over the Alaskan Aleutian Islands, the New York Post reported.

On February 15, the Senate joined the House in voting to condemn the Chinese spy balloon program, The New York Times reported. The voting shows a “rare unity” in Congress, CNN wrote. Bipartisan cooperation over the Chinese balloons incident is reportedly expected to strengthen U.S. officials’ resolve when countering China. Congress has reportedly “taken China to task” over the incident, as questions about the Biden administration’s decision to allow the balloon to cross the United States have arisen.

The U.S. and China’s foreign relations have intensified following the incident. There has been official “outrage’ in the Chinese Communist regime over the U.S. decision to shoot the balloon down, NBC Universal reported.

China has also counterclaimed that the United States sent similar spy balloons into the Chinese national sovereign airspace, which the United States denied, Yahoo Life reported.

China has claimed “the right to respond” after the United States shot down the balloon, New York Post reported. Chinese regime officials claimed that the decision to fire on the balloon was an “excessive reaction.”

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