Biden Administration Pushes for Clean Energy Projects in Coal Mining Communities

( – The Biden administration is pushing for “clean energy projects” in communities that primarily produce coal energy products, CNBC reported. The Biden administration is reportedly piping “hundreds of millions of dollars” to transform coal energy-producing communities into clean energy hubs. To this end, the Biden administration highlighted $450 million in untapped funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is an effort to invest $350 billion in highway programs by September 2026, the Department of Transportation explained.

Projects funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law have been modeled after a site that Biden visited in Massachusetts in the summer of 2022, the Associated Press reported. The Brayton Point power plant site in Somerset, Massachusetts consists of an old coal plant that the new infrastructure bill will convert to wind energy. The president referred to the Brayton Point plant as “the embodiment” of the transition to clean energy.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm explained that energy workers across Appalachia have a “can-do attitude” to produce energy, and, in her view, would be the able workforce to power the transition, the Associated Press reported. Granholm also explained the infrastructure and other innovations that coal-energy workers have utilized over the centuries of American progress to develop energy from coal mining. The coal industry was first put into practice in 1701 in the Manakin area of Richmond, Virginia, the Virginia Energy Department explained.

In November 2022, Biden drew criticism from Senator Joe Manchin (D.Wv.) when he believed that he was in the process of building new coal plants. The White House issued an official statement explaining that the project was not to build new coal plants, but to convert existing ones to new forms of energy, The New York Times reported on November 5, 2022. At that time, Politico stated that the Biden-Manchin “coal clash” had highlighted divisions in Democrat views of energy policies. Manchin stated that, in his view, Biden’s comments regarding coal had highlighted the reasons why the American people were “losing trust” in the president.

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