Biden Accused of Working to Keep Schools Closed

Biden Accused of Working to Keep Schools Closed

( – Despite a rapidly increasing vaccination rate, only 13 state governments have thus far ordered their schools to resume their ordinary schedules. In most of the others, some schools are operating on the basis of either hybrid or fully remote learning as a COVID-19 mitigation measure. However, it’s not clear that this motivation is a justifiable one.

On Monday, May 17, Fox News reported on a new million-dollar ad campaign that’s set to hit the airwaves. The 30-second video, which you can view below, accuses President Joe Biden of cooperating with teachers’ unions to keep schools closed for longer than necessary.

Americans for Public Trust (APT), the government accountability group behind the campaign, reportedly took this step in response to the revelation that the CDC had regularly communicated with teachers’ unions on the subject of school reopenings.

The ad claims Joe Biden has kept schools closed to repay “liberal dark money groups.” Could this be true? If so, what other crucial policies have been shaped by shady motives like this?

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