Biden Accused of Verbally Abusing His Own Staffers

( – According to new reports, President Biden frequently gets angry behind closed doors, cursing loudly at aides and top staff. Despite his soft-spoken public manner, current and ex-staff say Biden often becomes enraged in private, screaming at those who displease him to “get the f*ck out of here!” and to stop telling him useless things and “bullsh*t.”

It’s worth noting that Biden promised to fire any of his staff immediately if they engaged in bullying or poor treatment of others. The president made this vow at the start of his administration in January of 2021, marking what he said would be a new chapter of “decency” and respect in contrast to the Trump White House. Specifically, Biden said anybody who “talks down” to others in his administration would be let go “on the spot.”

According to unnamed aides who spoke to Axios, Biden shouting at others is so common that those who work for him see it as an “initiation” into the administration. They say nobody is “safe” from it and Biden’s mood is apt to change suddenly and aggressively. He also likes to question those who work for him extensively about the details of an issue or subject until they admit not knowing something or being unsure of an answer, at which point he will often get enraged and shout at them. One former aide has described Biden as an “egomaniacal autocrat,” a far cry from the supposed “decency” and restoration of the “soul of America” that Biden promised upon entering office.

There are two reasons why this new report is politically relevant. The first reason is that it appears to directly contradict Biden’s inaugural message of treating others with respect and “decency,” a promise which he claimed to “sincerely” believe. The second is that sudden fits of anger, confusion, and misdirected rage are common symptoms of neurological degeneration including senility and Alzheimer’s disease. The question is whether this could be due to neurological or cognitive issues, or whether this is Biden’s executive style.

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