Berlin Official Asks Jews To “Hide Their Faith”

( – An official of the German government has reluctantly called on Jews in the region to “hide their faith” amidst rising anti-Semitist sentiment against them, as pro-Palestinian protests erupted in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Speaking to Der Spiegel, a German news outlet, integration commissioner Güner Balci said that the discrimination against Jews has become worse of late, partly due to politicians who have ignored anti-Semitist attitudes for many years for the sake of focusing efforts to combat “anti-Muslim racism.”

“I would not advise anybody to make their Jewish faith visible in Neukölln (a borough in Germany),” Balci advised, adding that even before the Israeli-Hamas war, some people who have been wearing the kippah – the traditional hat worn by male Jews – have experienced slurs hurled at them or have been spat on.

“Isn’t it sick that such things have become normal in Germany?” Balci asked.

“Political leaders have ignored the problem for decades,” Balci said. She added that many held the belief that anti-Semitism was not an issue that needed to be addressed – while at the same time ignoring the rise in power and influence of political Islam. She cited the dissolution of an “expert working group” that was supposed to address the growth of political Islam.

Furthermore, Balci related that jihadist and extremist groups like Hamas enjoy “wide swaths” of support among the Arab-speaking population in the region. She said that there are also many more moderate Muslims who feel differently, but have been cowed to silence for fear of reprisals or of being ostracized.

Meanwhile, controversial British host Piers Morgan said that a lot of pro-Palestinian protests “defies comprehension,” as many call out for violence against Jews. Morgan cited a protest in Australia where protestors called on Jews to be “gassed” to death, ostensibly a reference to one of the Nazi’s preferred means for killing Jewish prisoners en masse. More than six million Jews died in the Holocaust.

Morgan said that while the situation of Palestinian civilians was a “very real concern,” the massacre of thousands of unarmed civilians (many of whom were women and children) by Hamas militants also needed to be condemned.

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