Benjamin Netanyahu Calls Secret Meeting With Saudi Crown Prince

Benjamin Netanyahu Calls Secret Meeting With Saudi Crown Prince

( – Relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors have been consistently frosty since the inception of the Jewish state in 1948. However, US officials have recently helped Israel establish peace agreements with Bahrain and the UAE, creating hope for lasting harmony in the Middle East.

Now, it appears there may have been another significant development in this story. There are reports that on Sunday, November 22, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly made a visit to Saudi Arabia. It’s believed he met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the trip, and that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also present.

If these reports are accurate — Saudi Arabia has denied the meeting took place — this would be the first meeting between Netanyahu and MBS. While details of what took place are not yet clear, sources have mentioned that the leaders discussed the normalization of ties.

Donald Trump may be a controversial president, but nobody can argue with his successes in foreign policy. If we do see lasting peace in the Middle East, it could well be his greatest legacy.

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