Belief in God Hits Record Low

New Poll Shows This AMERICAN TRADITION Is Dying

( – Religion has been an integral part of American society since the days of the Founding Fathers. Increasingly, however, the practice of faith is becoming a more marginal part of life for many people. A new survey has confirmed this declining trend.

According to a Gallup “Values and Beliefs” poll published on June 17, 81% of Americans surveyed currently say they believe in God. That number is lower than at any other time in the 78 years the organization has asked that question. When Gallup first posed the question to its respondents in 1944, more than 98% said they believed in God, and this figure remained above 90% until as recently as 2011.

Democrats, young adults, and Progressives are the demographics in which belief in God is the least prevalent, the poll results show. On the other hand, belief in God among Conservatives and married couples was no less from 2017 to 2022. Republicans and political Conservatives were the most likely demographics to believe in the higher power and that faith hasn’t waned over the years.

Previous Gallup polls showed a marked decrease in the numbers of Americans attending church services and holding church memberships.

Do you think this decline in religious faith is a bad thing for America?

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