Barr Comments on Relationship With Trump

( – Former attorney general Bill Barr is very candid about how he feels about his now fraught relationship with former boss and former president Donald Trump: “At the end of the day I couldn’t really care one way or the other,” Barr tells Fox News host Neil Cavuto in a recent interview.

Asked about his thoughts about the now four indictments the former commander-in-chief is facing, Barr admitted that in his opinion, a number of them don’t deserve to go to trial – particularly the first (which deals with the payoffs from campaign funds to the adult film actress) that was filed in New York, and the fourth (alleging in-state election tampering) in Georgia. The first indictment Barr called a “political hit job” while the fourth he said was too sweeping and too broad. He also acknowledged that the former president has “adversaries” that are “unfair, excessive, and obsessive, and who treat him (Trump) unfairly.”

The federal cases however, Barr sees as “legitimate.” Particularly with regard to the second indictment, which he called a “very simple case… that should be tried,” the one-time Trump administration stalwart said that if the judge presiding over it was “anywhere competent” enough, the matter could be concluded before the summer of next year, well before the presidential elections.

Barr also feels that Trump shouldn’t be entitled to have his trials rescheduled just because of his candidacy – “I don’t think that (the election) should govern the schedule for pursuing these cases,” he said. Barr added, “You don’t get immunity for two years in a run up to an election just by saying, ‘Hey, I’m a candidate.’” The former attorney general explained that the cases have been “going on for a while” even before Trump announced that he intended to run for president again.

“If there’s a chance to get it (Trump’s cases) resolved before the election, it should be, because the American people deserve to know. These are potential crimes that involve moral turpitude,” Barr stated.

The former attorney general also spoke to the strong criticism he has been receiving from Trump and a number of the latter’s supporters, “I can understand his (Trump) being upset by people speaking against him, but my loyalty was to the Constitution, and I felt that he was screwing with it after the (2020) election,” Barr explained.

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