Barack Obama Blames Conservative Media for Capitol Protests

Barack Obama Blames Conservative Media for Capitol Protests

( – Congress certified the election of Joe Biden as US president in the early hours of Thursday, January 7. Despite lasting suspicion around his victory, mainstream media outlets chose to focus primarily on the protests that took place outside the government chambers rather than the information the GOP was trying to present.

Barack Obama’s Response

Of course, this played right into the hands of leftist commentators. Former President Barack Obama responded to the scenes on Capitol Hill via Twitter on Thursday, blaming the Republican Party and its “accompanying media ecosystem” for what happened. After stating that Trump provoked the unrest, he continued by calling it a “moment of great dishonor and shame for our nations.”

He then sought to sow division among conservatives by praising those who have turned against Trump. His words did little to improve the message, which aimed to demonize Trump and his supporters.

Michelle Weighs In

The statement several hours later from his wife Michelle gave us even more to chew on. After celebrating the reported victory of Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) in Georgia’s Senate runoff election, she shared her take on the events of January 6.

After bashing Trump and his supporters in predictable fashion, the former first lady began twisting what happened to benefit her own agenda. She referred to last year’s Black Lives Matter protests as an “overwhelmingly peaceful movement.” Michelle Obama obviously didn’t spend much time watching the news in 2020, or she would have seen the extensive rioting and looting that accompanied those “peaceful” protests across America.

She also encouraged Big Tech leaders to double down on their efforts to silence the president. This is an open display of the attitude liberals have toward free speech; if they don’t agree with it, it’s a danger that needs to be instantly muted.

What happened at the Capitol was an ugly affair. Damage was done to our historic chambers of government and, tragically, lives were lost. However, it would be foolish to let people like Barack and Michelle Obama define this narrative. Democrats rarely miss an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis, and the Obamas are no exception.

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