“Ballot Harvesting Fraud” Uncovered in Ilhan Omar’s District (REPORT)

(RepublicanDaily.org) – An explosive Project Veritas report has brought questions of election fraud back into focus. On Sunday, September 27, the undercover media group broke a story about a coordinated ballot-harvesting scheme in Minnesota. Sources have communicated that the group carrying out the fraud has connections with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MINN), the divisive Congresswoman who has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump.

The investigation found a group of criminals had been applying for mail-in ballots on behalf of elderly voters, often from the Somali community. They would then take the ballots from these people when they arrived and cast the votes themselves. The report includes Snapchat footage of a group member boasting about having hundreds of voter ballots in his car.

Omar Jamal, a man who’s active in Somali politics in the Minnesota area, blew the whistle on the scheme — and Ilhan Omar’s involvement in it. Jamal claims Rep. Omar would stop at nothing to get elected, and that she has “hundreds of people” working to illegally sway the vote in her favor.

If investigators can confirm Ilhan Omar had a role in these activities, her political career will surely be over. Either way, this report is further evidence that voter fraud is a real threat in 2020, despite the attempts of figures in the Democrat party to downplay its significance. We all need to realize this issue has the potential to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the forthcoming election.

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