Baby Rescued from Hot Car in Texas

( – A dramatic incident occurred on the morning of Wednesday, July 19th in the southern Texas town of Harlingen after a baby locked inside a hot car was broken out by his panicking father. According to authorities, the toddler had become locked inside after his parents mistakenly locked the car’s keys inside the vehicle. Video has gone viral online showing the dad smashing the windshield with a tire iron to get the infant out, with another individual handing the baby to the anxious dad after climbing inside. The case has also brought the importance of safety during extremely hot temperatures back to the fore of the national conversation.

The video shows a woman climbing through the smashed hole in the car to get the baby to the waiting dad, saying she hoped the baby is “okay” and adding that she was “not sure whose vehicle” it even was. It’s unclear why the woman climbed in the hole and couldn’t just remove the infant by unlocking the doors through the smashed windows. Sergeant Larry Moore of the Harlingen Police Department noted that it’s important to always check that you haven’t left a baby unattended in your car even for a short period of time.

Police were called to the scene following the extraction of the baby and it’s not clear how long the toddler was inside the car prior to being removed. Emergency medical crews who arrived on scene said the toddler’s health status was fine, but it’s worth noting that the temperature in this part of Texas was around 105 degrees on Wednesday at mid-morning. No charges were filed against the baby’s parents in this case, but the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is reminding people that the heat inside a car can rise by 20 degrees in only a few minutes and that children have a much quicker response to heat than adults which can lead to sudden death.

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