Authorities Perplexed by Mysterious Death of Family

Authorities Perplexed by Mysterious Death of Family

( – When a member of a young family dies, it’s always devastating. However, one family in California suffered through an even greater tragedy this month. The father, mother, child, and pet dog all lost their lives while hiking in the Sierra National Forest. Making matters worse, no one is sure how they died.

On Sunday, August 15, John Gerrish and Ellen Chunt went hiking with their one-year-old daughter Miju and their pet dog Oski. The family’s nanny reportedly raised alarms when she showed up to watch the baby, and they weren’t back from their hike. Authorities located the family’s car close to the Savage Lundy Trail in the early hours of August 18. Their bodies were found 1.5 miles down the trail.

There were no signs of trauma on any of the bodies. Initially, those investigating the scene treated it as a hazmat site in case chemical hazards were to blame; that was later ruled out.

Authorities were also able to rule out homicide as the manner of death.

Autopsies didn’t offer any clues either, but toxicology reports are pending. Police are hoping a cell phone they received will provide evidence of what was responsible for the deaths. Authorities are continuing their investigation, hoping to find answers soon.

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