Attempt To Kill Queen Elizabeth Revealed in Newly Released Files

( – The FBI has declassified details of an attempt to assassinate the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1983 during her majesty’s state visit to the United States, One America News Network reported.

Details of the attempted assassinations of Queen Elizabeth emerged as part of a release of documents requested by NBC News under Freedom of Information laws, The Jerusalem Post reported. Following this request, 102 pages of FBI documents were unsealed. The documents revealed that the FBI and Secret Services were on high alert during the Queen’s state visits, and communicated closely with members of local police forces to prevent the IRA from making assassination attempts.

A member of the Irish Republic Army, or IRA, which was a radical extremist organization in Ireland active during the 20th Century, said that he wanted to assassinate the Queen as her yacht passed under Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, The Jerusalem Post reported. Alternatively, the IRA militant had planned to assassinate the Queen during a guided state visit to Yosemite National Park.

Reportedly, documents from February 4, 1983, detailed the assassination attempt. Upon discovery, the Secret Services planned to block all roads to the Golden Gate Bridge while Her Majesty’s yacht passed underneath it.

The relationship between the United States and Great Britain has been of grave political importance because it reflects shared democratic values, the U.S. State Department explained. These ideals are reportedly “reinforced” through the economic and political cooperation of the two nations.

The IRA plots the FBI reported were not the only attempts on the monarch’s life during the 1980s. Another attempt was made in London, England. In 1981, during a showing of the Queen’s Trooping the Colour Parade, which is a military procession, her Majesty led as the figurehead of state, when a lone gunman attempted to fire on the Queen. The video footage of the event, which has since resurfaced on TikTok, showed the gunman fire five blank rounds at the Queen as she rode her horse in the procession, but the shot ultimately missed and failed to spook Her Majesty’s horse, Politico reported. While not as lethal as a live round, the impact of blank rounds can cause death or serious injury to the gunshot victim.

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