Attack in China Leaves Six Dead

( – Six people are dead following a mass stabbing attack at a Chinese kindergarten on Monday morning. The attack occurred in the city of Lianjiang, located in the southeastern Chinese state of Guangdong. Police say that a 25-year-old man committed the attack, which killed six and injured one during the early hours of Monday morning while parents were letting their kids out to go in and start their day. The victims include three small children and three adults. Authorities have not released a potential motive behind the crime.

Chinese social media users expressed outrage as video from the deadly assault was shared online. The social network Weibo saw the video get 460 million views just in its first day online. It’s worth noting that this is not the first mass stabbing in China, which bans guns for private ownership. In fact, there have been over 17 knifing attacks in Chinese educational centers since 2010 and they have been increasing the past few years. Last summer, a man with a knife entered a kindergarten in Jiangxi state murdering three kids and wounding six others. Another random assault in China saw an assailant enter a classroom and severely harm four dozen kids by shooting them with a highly toxic spray.

The cause of the Lianjiang attack is not yet known, however analysts say that the strict pandemic lockdowns coupled with high rates of job loss and high social expectations on younger generations are likely reasons behind the increasingly brutal and common attacks. The small town of Hengshan where this attack occurred has been stunned by the attack, while rumors are flying. According to local news, the motive behind the attack appears to be revenge against the school since the attacker’s young child was hit by a car outside the kindergarten a week before. One of the adult individuals murdered by the attacker was allegedly the driver of the car which struck the attacker’s child previously.

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