Arrests Made in Texas Kidnapping

( – This Sunday, July 16, police in a northern suburb of Houston were called to the scene of a young woman who claimed she had been kidnapped and held against her will for the past month while being repeatedly raped. Two individuals were arrested in Humble, Texas, and charged with kidnapping. They were Jose Reyes, 31 and Jaqueline Macias, 29. The unnamed 18-year-old victim was badly injured and had been strapped down to a bed for around a month, leading police to call an ambulance immediately upon arriving.

According to Humble police officer Mark Herman, the suspects came back to the residence while officers were responding to the victim and getting emergency services to take her to hospital. The two suspects, Reyes and Macias were arrested when they arrived. The victim had managed to escape on Sunday night and frantically knocked on doors in the neighborhood to seek help. It is not clear if neighbors helped as they reported being scared or unsure what she wanted and several said they didn’t answer the door. One of the people in the neighborhood called authorities to find out what was going on with the young woman frantically running around and looking for help.

Reyes and Macias are the parents of a young baby under one-month old and are now being held in custody on kidnapping charges. Macias made her first court appearance on Monday, July 17, and is being held on $50,000 bond. She was on maternity leave at the time of her arrest and not living in the same home as Reyes, who is father to her two-week-old baby. Reyes is held on $100,000 bond and made his first court appearance on Tuesday, July 18. According to Herman, the teen girl met Reyes in unknown circumstances and went back to his residence but was later restrained and raped for around one month before being able to escape.

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