Arrests Made in 2006 Cold Case Murder

Arrests Made In 2006 Cold Case Murder

( – America’s police have as difficult a job as anyone, and this year has been particularly tough for them. Since the death of George Floyd in May, many people have sought to paint the police in as negative a light as possible. Though they don’t receive nearly as much media coverage as the negative stories, there are plenty of examples of diligent police work, and police in Florida just proved that.

On Monday, December 21, police in Manatee County, Florida, charged three men in a cold case murder. In 2006, Amber Woods, 16, was shot in the back and left at the side of a road.

Ralph Williams was Woods’ boyfriend, but reportedly wanted to end the relationship. He allegedly conspired with his brother Tyjuan Williams and his half-brother Jamaine Brown to murder her. Police accuse Tyjuan Williams of shooting Amber dead, before Ralph Williams and Jamaine Brown allegedly hid her body. Police used new cell-phone technology to determine the three men were near Amber at the time of her death.

This case serves as a valuable reminder that the vast majority of our police are not quite what Liberal commentators would have us believe. Most of our law enforcement officers are hard workers and honest Americans who strive to keep us safe and seek justice for those who have suffered harm.

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