AOC Accuses Biden of Compromising With GOP as Debt Ceiling Negotiations Continue

( – Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D.Ny) criticized President Joe Biden’s negotiations with the House GOP over the debt ceiling crisis, claiming that he was “compromising” and that his position would be “profoundly destructive,” Business Insider reported. Ocasio-Cortez stated that the Biden administration should expect “pushback” on “nearly any significant concession” that might be reached via negotiations.

Ocasio-Cortez’s statements came as the president was scheduled to meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 16 to discuss the national debt ceiling crisis. Ocasio-Cortez also claimed that she did not think the meeting was an “appropriate vehicle” or that Congress should normalize “such destructive tactics,” Ocasio-Cortez told Axios, Business Insider reported.

On May 16, Biden and McCarthy continued to discuss raising the debt ceiling and other contingencies the House Republican majority wants for curbing national spending, Reuters reported. McCarthy stated that a debt ceiling agreement had become “possible” following his talks with the president, Reuters reported. Biden and McCarthy’s aides reportedly discussed the requirements for two key programs that provide aid to families, in the form of food and cash assistance per each respective program.

President Biden is scheduled to depart for the G-7 Summit on May 17, but will return sooner than initially planned as the debt ceiling talks take precedence, Reuters reported.

The time Biden and McCarthy have left to strike a deal is “running out” as the United States could default on the national debt by “June 1” the Treasury Department warned, Reuters reported on May 16.

The U.S. Treasury Department stated that the United States was “on track” to default by June 1, Reuters reported. This was confirmed by a letter sent to Congress by the U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the second letter sent in the past two weeks, Reuters reported.

McCarthy stated that, while the two sides of the debt ceiling argument are still “far apart” it should be possible to reach a deal by the weekend, USA Today reported.

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