Antifa in Washington – Reports Claim Foul Play

Antifa In Washington - Reports Claim Foul Play

( – Wednesday, January 6 was the day Congress set out to certify the results of the presidential election of 2020. Given the outstanding allegations of voter fraud and the intention of many Congressional Republicans to object to the certification, the process was mired in controversy before it even began.

However, the day’s headlines ended up being dominated by the actions of the protesting mob that forced its way into the Capitol. Hundreds of individuals entered the building, clashing with police and causing extensive property damage.

Because many of these people were wearing “MAGA” hats and carrying other pro-Trump symbols, the mainstream media was quick to assert they were all supporters of the president. However, some commentators have speculated it could, in fact, have been a ploy by Antifa or a similar group to paint Conservatives in a negative light.

It’s too early to say who orchestrated or took part in this protest. In time, we may know more about the unrest and and whether or not groups like Antifa could have had a role to play.

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