Anti-Trumper Bill Maher Slams Joe Biden, Asks for Him To Step Down

( – Comedian and talk-show host Bill Maher has added his voice to the many calling for President Joe Biden to abandon his plan to get re-elected as president next year, saying that a Biden run would only assure a victory by former president Donald Trump.

Maher made the comments on his “Real Time with Bill Maher” show. The comedian is known as an outspoken atheist and centrist who has also often lampooned Trump and other conservatives. Maher likened Biden’s situation to that of the late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who famously declined to retire during the Obama administration, and instead died during the Trump administration. This paved the way for Trump to appoint a conservative justice – as opposed to retiring when Obama was in office and have a liberal judge appointed to replace her – and establish the conservative supermajority currently holding sway in the country’s highest court.

“He’s (Biden) going to turn the country back over to Trump and go… down in history as Ruth Bader Biden,” Maher quipped, saying that Ginsburg’s decision wreaked havoc in “their party and their country.”

While Maher acknowledged Biden as a viable opponent to Trump when they both first ran in the last presidential election, he noted that the president will be overstaying his welcome if he runs for re-election. Maher also joked that having Biden run the presidency a second time would be like having Buzz Aldrin pilot a plane. “You can be a national treasure and still be too old for the job,” the comedian said, reiterating his belief that Biden will definitely lose to Trump if they run against each other again.

Maher also defended his comments against the expected criticism that he was being ageist, saying that he makes assessments on a case-to-case basis, with Biden’s repeated flubs and gaffes – especially in public speaking – point to his diminished capacity. He recently had difficulty saying a simple acronym at an address on a U.S. initiative for the Pacific Islands, and also recently called legendary rapper L.L. Cool J as “LL J — Cool J” at the Congressional Black Caucus’ Phoenix Awards.

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