Another Celebrity in Trouble for Alleged Pro-Hamas Post

( – Multi-Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys is facing backlash over a supposed “tone-deaf” post she made on Instagram that many construed as a subtle expression of support for Muslim extremist military group Hamas.

“I’ve had my eyes on paragliding…” said the singer’s post on social media site Instagram, which included a picture of Keys sporting a black, white, and green paragliding outfit. “What would you do if u weren’t afraid of anything?” she added in the post.

The post has now been deleted, but not before a number of netizens pointed out that Hamas’ colors were also black, white and green. Others also noted that a group of Hamas fighters used paragliders to cross into Israeli territory, killing hundreds of attendees at a music festival.

Antisemitism advocacy group Stop Antisemitism blasted Keys’ Instagram post, asking, “Is this some sick ode to the Hamas terrorists that infiltrated Israel?” while pointing out the various atrocities and acts of violence Hamas committed against Israeli civilians.

The R&B artist also received criticism from Jewish author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who asked if Keys post meant that she was thinking of “shooting and killing people.”

Keys has apologized for the post, saying in one of her Instagram stories that her paragliding post was “COMPLETELY unrelated” to the conflict in the Middle East, saying that her “heart has been breaking” over the “recent devastating loss of innocent lives.” “I pray for and stand for peace,” she added.

Keys is married to music producer Swizz Beatz, who is a Muslim.

However, the artist’s former manager, Israeli American Guy Oseary, came to Keys’ defense, saying that he spoke to Keys to explain the implications of her post, which “horrified” her, resulting in the deletion of the paragliding post.

“Alicia has always been a fighter for all human rights,” Oseary said, as he reassured “anyone in my Jewish community” that Keys’ “triggering” reference to paragliding “was absolutely not connected in any way” to the Israel and Hamas conflict.

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