Another “11th Hour” Disney Agreement Revealed in Florida Feud

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “lost again” to Disney, after another “11th-hour” agreement was discovered between the Walt Disney Company and the Reed Creek Improvement District. This second agreement would allow Disney to set its utility rates over the area where its Orlando, Florida theme park sits until 2032, years after DeSantis’ term limits have expired and he is no longer eligible to run for re-election in Florida, Vox wrote.

DeSantis has been engaged in an ongoing battle with Disney after Disney reportedly opposed his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, a piece of legislation preventing the Florida education board from introducing any curriculum on sexuality and gender identity into classrooms. DeSantis has introduced a series of legislation to combat “woke” policies in Florida.

DeSantis reportedly retaliated against this criticism by attempting to strip Disney of its autonomy over its theme park, and instead, appoint a handpicked board over the former Reedy Creek Improvement District chosen from the Florida Legislature. To counter this attempt, Disney entered into a development agreement that stripped the new board of most of its power, using the “royal lives clause” which would make the contract binding until “21 years after the death of the last descendant of King Charles III,” CNBC reported. Since Disney entered this agreement, DeSantis has sought to nullify it, The New York Times reported.

DeSantis can’t afford to back off from his feud with Disney. Former Republican political consultant Robert Cahaly was quoted by Vox as saying that DeSantis had to show he wouldn’t “quit because it got hot,” because he had picked a fight “with a bully.

However, despite the need to save face in his feud with Disney, DeSantis’ political image has been damaged by his stance, media analysts stated. DeSantis has drawn hot criticism from fellow Republicans, who are also potential contenders for the Presidential 2024 nomination, The New York Times reported.

At the time of this report, Former President Donald Trump was leading DeSantis by a strong margin in Presidential nomination forecasting polls, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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