Anonymous Musician Accuses Grammys Head of Assault, Files Lawsuit

( – Neil Portnow, the former CEO of the Grammy Awards, has been sued in the state Supreme Court in Manhattan.

The suit was filed by an unnamed musician, who alleges that Portnow drugged her and raped her at a hotel in New York in 2018. The suit was filed under the Adult Survivors Act, an initiative in New York state that allows sexual assault victims to file a case even though the normal statute of limitations has passed.

Portnow was formerly the CEO of Recording Academy, a post he held from 2002 to 2019. Recording Academy is the organization responsible for overseeing the Grammy Awards.

The female musician was only described as “internationally known,” and indicated that she once played at Carnegie Hall. She alleges that the incident happened during a meeting she had setup with Portnow in order to interview him. She claims that the former head of the Grammy awards gave her a drink, causing her to lose consciousness intermittently, an opportunity she said Portnow used to sexually assault her.

The victim has also sued the Recording Academy for negligence, claiming that the organization “aided and abetted Portnow’s conduct” when it failed to investigate the incident when she reported it in 2018.

Her legal counsel, Jeffrey Anderson, said that the importance of the case goes beyond Portnow’s behavior, as the victim claims that the “doublespeak about rape and abuse” has become part of the “culture in the music and entertainment industry.”

A spokesperson for the accused said that Portnow completely denies the allegations, which he called “the product of the Plaintiff’s imagination” and thus “completely false.” Portnow’s camp also further claimed that the victim was “undoubtedly” merely acting in retaliation for the former Grammy CEO’s refusal to give in to the artist’s demands for money and assistance in procuring a residence visa.

The academy also released a statement on the suit, echoing Portnow’s claims, and said that the case was “without merit.”

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