Americans Not Happy With Hunter Biden Probe, Poll Says

( – One might think that Republicans are happy with the ongoing probe of presidential son Hunter Biden, but it turns out, many are grossly dissatisfied with the way the investigation is being handled – a sentiment shared by a large chunk of the voting public.

A recent ABC News and Ipsos poll show that 48% of Americans think that the U.S. Justice Department is being fair and non-partisan in its handling of the Hunter Biden investigation, as opposed to the smaller 32% who feel the opposite.

The results come on the heels of the appointment of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to serve as special counsel to handle the investigation into the president’s son.

The poll also reveals that a large majority of voters, of 77% say that it is “believable” that Hunter attempted to hide his true income by committing tax evasion. Regardless of political affiliation, the majority of respondents – 66% of Democrats, 88% of Republicans and 80% of independents – believe in the possibility of Hunter Biden’s guilt, the poll shows.

However, Democrats are less likely – 33% — to believe that the president’s son is somehow receiving preferential treatment because of who he is; the numbers are more substantial for Republicans and independents, who feel that Hunter is getting favorable treatment, at 75% and 42%, respectively.

In addition, the poll also reports that 58% of Americans say that Hunter Biden’s plea agreement will not factor into their decision whether or not to vote for President Joe Biden next year.

Several Republican lawmakers have also blasted the appointment of Weiss as special counsel for Hunter’s case.

Speaker of the House and California Representative Kevin McCarthy questioned whether Weiss could be trusted if he “negotiated the sweetheart deal that couldn’t get approved.” McCarthy was referring to the now defunct plea deal Hunter entered into with prosecutors that initially had Weiss being okay with forgoing any prosecution of the president’s son.

Fellow Republican and Kentucky Representative James Comer, who also happens to be chair of the House Oversight Committee looking into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, accused the “Biden Justice Department” of getting in the way of congressional oversight as well as called the appointment of Weiss an effort to “attempt a Biden family coverup.”

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