American Auto Workers Tired of Biden’s Agenda

( – President Joe Biden is 80, tired, and yet still dead set on running for president next year. He’s also dealing with the fallout from the suspicious business practices of his son, Hunter, which in turn have prompted the launch of formal impeachment proceedings in Congress.

Then there’s his abysmal polling numbers, which show that more than half of American voters have an unfavorable view of him and his job performance; even Democratic and left-leaning voters have expressed a strong desire for the Democratic party to nominate someone else for the presidency come 2024.

Biden’s plate is beyond full, but more problems are coming.

This time, it’s from auto workers in America, who are protesting what they believe is a misguided push by the government for electric vehicles, ostensibly to make the country less reliant on fossil fuels.

United Auto Workers, which is made up of major auto-worker unions in the country, is set to hold a strike – possibly against all Big Three (Ford, Stellantis / Fiat-Chrysler, and General Motors) – car companies if their demands of reduced work hours, pay raises, and cost-of-living adjustments are not met.

The group has also taken issue with what they say is the Biden administration’s push to line automakers’ bottom lines through the Inflation Reduction Act while ignoring the needs of regular rank-and-file employees.

Automakers have seen large infusions of profit through tax credits the government provides for the production of electric vehicles (EV) in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The push towards the production of more EVs, the group believes, will cause the loss of countless jobs in the auto industry. Car makers have admitted that EVs require 40% less manpower to assemble compared to internal combustion vehicles.

The president has put forward a proposal that requires that by 2032, 67% of all cars sold in the country should be electric – a step up from an earlier proposal that 50% of cars sold in 2030 should be run by exclusively by electric power.

A strike does not bode well for Biden, who says he is a proponent of the common laborer, and has often touted his “humble” roots from Delaware. He has previously said that he does think a strike will happen, but one looks more and more likely.

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