All’s Fair on the Campaign Trail – Unless You’re Fetterman

John Fetterman's Wife Wants

John Fetterman’s Wife Wants “Consequences” for Reporter

( – The wife of a Democratic Senate hopeful is demanding “consequences” against a reporter — for doing her job. Giselle Fetterman didn’t like a question the journalist asked. It seems she’s struggling to understand how the media works in a free country.

John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate in next month’s Pennsylvania Senate race, is up against Trump-endorsed Republican Mehmet Oz — and, just to make things even harder for him, he suffered a stroke on May 13. Fetterman insists he’ll make a full recovery and the stroke won’t affect his performance as a senator, but his refusal to release medical records is raising some doubts about the issue, even among other Democrats. On October 14, NBC reporter Dasha Burns pressed him about his health, and sparked Mrs. Fetterman’s outrage.

Since the stroke, Fetterman has relied on his wife to carry more of his campaign, and she’s become very protective, especially about his health or any call for him to debate Oz. After Burns questioned him on Friday, Giselle was apparently in a “rage,” and she demanded Burns suffer “consequences” for daring to ask Fetterman about the stroke.

Giselle has also claimed Burns’s reporting was “appalling” and a “disservice” to journalism. What she doesn’t seem to understand is that asking questions — even ones politicians don’t like — is the job of journalists. If Fetterman doesn’t have good answers to those questions, that’s not the media’s fault.

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