Allegations That the Duchess of York Met With Jeffrey Epstein Surface Over “Secret Diary”

( – A private diary of Jeffrey Epstein has been uncovered and allegedly reveals his meeting with the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson during house arrest, The Daily Mail UK reported.

Epstein’s record-keeping has cast suspicion on various prominent people, including Bill Gates, who Epstein reportedly attempted to persuade to support his charity and then later was blackmailed by the financier for his affair with a Russian bridge player. Likewise, in May, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was subpoenaed by the U.S. Virgin Islands in its lawsuit against J.P. Morgan Chase to present documents regarding the allegations, suggested by Epstein, that some of Musk’s business decisions were influenced by him, Associated Press reported.

The Duchess is the ex-wife of disgraced Prince Andrew, brother of King Charles III. Media reports stated that the private calendar for March of 2010 had made a place for the Duchess, even while Epstein still had five months remaining to his house arrest sentence, The West Australian reported.

Epstein kept a “detailed” secret diary of his affairs that was “meticulous” in its record-keeping, to act as an insurance policy with powerful people, The Daily Mail UK reported on August 12, 2019. His diary detailed his friendships with other powerful people. Among Epstein’s associations were Prince Andrew, and former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Allegations from media analysis claimed that Epstein had highlighted his attempts to be close to Prince Andrew and the Duchess in an attempt to make “high profile banking connections”, She Knows magazine wrote. She Knows magazine cited documents from the late pedophile’s estate, which were reportedly surrendered to government officials in the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, She Knows magazine did not provide a copy of the alleged documents in its report.

The alleged secret diary has now been unveiled, revealing that he met with Sarah Ferguson at his Manhattan mansion even while he was under arrest for crimes of pedophilia against minor female children, The Daily Mail reported. The diary, private calendars, and emails stated that Epstein met with Ferguson in 2010. Reports stated that, when asked by his assistant when he would be free to meet with Ferguson, Epstein’s response was “Duchess anytime.”

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