Adam Schiff Punishment Votes Are In

( – Votes reprimanding Representative Adam Schiff have been counted. Ultimately, the censure resolution failed to pass the House, and Representative Shiff was reportedly not removed from the Congress chamber.

Congress met to vote on whether to censure Schiff after a motion was filed by Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R. Florida).

Motions were extended to censure Schiff following allegations that he had fueled the “lies’ of the Trump collusion with the Russian Federal allegations.

Special Counsel John Durham, who was tasked with investigating the process the FBI took to look into these allegations, ultimately concluded that the investigation process was “deeply flawed” and that the FBI did not have grounds to investigate Trump. Nevertheless, Schiff stated that, in his view, Durham’s findings were ultimately a “big bust” and that he believed the investigation into these protocols was a “deep state” conspiracy.

Republicans have expressed outrage following the Durham Report’s findings and questioned why media networks allowed Schiff to spread his “narrative” for “years” on their programs.

A resolution to remove California Representative Schiff from the House was opposed by 20 Republicans. The total vote tally, which came to the conclusion not to censure Schiff, came to 225 to 196.

As Schiff reportedly “dodged the bullet,” analysts took to the media to ponder what is next for the California Representative.

Schiff spoke to CNN and stated that he was “flattered” that the House Republicans had been so “threatened” by his pursuit of holding former President Donald Trump accountable. Schiff stated that, in his view, the thought that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would even allow the vote to come to the House floor was “embarrassing” and was an “abuse” of the resources of the House.

In Schiff’s view, his recent measures in Congress have been to preserve the American system of democracy.

While Schiff continued to champion his cause to the press, House Republicans have prepared to push forward another resolution to censure Schiff. This new resolution immediately followed the recently failed vote to censure the California Representative.

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