Adam Schiff Could Face Removal If Vote Passes

( – Representative Adam Schiff could potentially be removed from office if the vote proposed by Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R. Florida) Western Journal reported.

Luna has introduced a “resolution” that seeks to completely remove Schiff from Congress following claims that the California Democrat Congressman had made false claims about former President Donald Trump’s alleged Russian collusion, New York Post reported.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, May 17, Luna argued that, in her view, Schiff had used his position in the House Intelligence Committee to “knowingly” push a “lie”. Luna argued that Schiff’s collusion narrative “ripped apart” the United States’ national unity, cost taxpayers “millions” of dollars, and allowed federal agents to spy on the former President. Representative Luna then called on ethics to investigate, making note of the fact that Schiff “doubled down” on his narrative about the former president, following the findings of Special Counsel John Durham’s report on the Trump-Russia report.

For the reasons given in her May 17 tweet, Lunar introduced Article 1, Clause 5, Section 2 of the United States Constitution to “expel” Schiff from the House of Representatives.

Representative Schiff responded to Representative Luna’s motion, and said that he would not “back down” on his narrative, even while faced with being expelled from Congress, The Guardian reported.

Schiff was the leader of the first effort to impeach Trump, following the allegations that he sought political “dirt” in Ukraine, The Guardian wrote. Schiff has since written a book about the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, and has made his bid for the Senate in anticipation of California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s resignation, The Guardian reported. In his book, which was likewise reviewed by The Guardian, Schiff referred to Trump as a “xenophobic autocrat.” In Schiff’s view, Trump is a threat to U.S. democracy.

As Congress members and the public responded to the Durham Report’s findings, Trump took to Truth Social media to express his view that the Democrats were using the “crooked FBI” for election interference.

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