Activist Reveals Intention to Supply Minors With Federally-Controlled Substances

Activist Reveals Intention to Supply Minors With Federally Controlled Substances

Trans Activist Reveals Underground Drug Network for CHILDREN

( – The debate around whether to allow young people who identify as trans to begin transitioning has been raging for years now. Many Liberals believe children and teenagers should be permitted to accept surgical and medical interventions to change their gender, often regardless of what their parents think. One trans activist has recently been attracting a lot of criticism for promoting a controversial scheme to broaden access to hormone therapy for minors.

Eli Erlick, a biological male who identifies as a woman, has made public plans to organize what appears to be a transnational drug ring to help young people with gender dysphoria access medication to help them transition. This idea comes in response to efforts in a number of states, such as Florida, to outlaw hormone therapy for minors. Erlick initially publicized the plan on Instagram in a post that is now private, but the Libs of TikTok Twitter account shared a screenshot.

Conservatives have been scathingly critical of the plan. Journalist Matt Walsh highlighted that Erlick was suggesting skirting parental authority, medical best practices, and the law in a Twitter post about the story.

What do you think of Erlick’s plan? Should this be treated as a criminal matter by the authorities?

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