ABC Host Stunned as Poll Shows Trump vs. Biden Is Almost a Tie

( – An ABC show host appeared “shocked” to see the hypothetical poll results for the 2024 President Election had former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden “almost” at a tie.

The poll from Quinnipiac University listed Trump at 44% and Biden at 48%. This polling, given the margin for error, is a statistical tie.

Media hosts questioned what this might say about the incumbent president. They were shocked that Trump was performing so well even after he had been federally indicted in a Miami, Florida district court over his possession of classified documents, which he had stored at his private residence of Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.

Criticism has surrounded President Biden, who many Americans across partisan lines believe may not have the cognitive capacity to continue his presidential duties. In recent news, Biden, delivering a speech on gun control, ended his speech with the phrase “God save the Queen.” However, former British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, and was succeeded by King Charles III. For this reason, the president could not have been referring appropriately to the reigning British monarch. When asked, pool reporters did not know why the president made the comment.

The president’s “gaffe” appeared to be a factor in his poll performance. It even led to some critics questioning if the government should invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the president. If Biden were removed from office, Vice President Kamala Harris would become U.S. President in his place until the 2024 election results were determined.

The poll drew criticism from Trump, who took to his Truth Social profile to question why Fox News had broadcast the Quinnipiac poll, which Trump argues has miscalculated his performance numbers. Trump argued that, if the poll added additional statistics, he would be “in the lead.”

Trump has continued to argue that the charges pressed against him are “election interference” as he claims that he is innocent of the federal and local cases that he has been held to account over. Trump also contends that the 2020 Presidential elections were “rigged” and that, in his view, he was the rightful winner.

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