Abbott Reamed On Social Media After Falling For Fake Story

( – Social media is panning Texas Governor Greg Abbott after he fell for a satirical news post about country singer Garth Brooks. Abbott recently tweeted out a link from the fake news satire site the “Dunning-Kruger Times” that claimed Brooks had recently been booed offstage at a country festival for calling conservatives “a**holes.”

Abbott tweeted “go woke, go broke” above the link and was subsequently hit with numerous mocking replies, including a derisive comeback from Texas Democratic Congressman Greg Casar who said Abbott shouldn’t be on Twitter and also isn’t “fit to govern.” Journalist Christopher Hooks made fun of Abbott as well, saying that the governor is clearly “not a very smart man.” Leftist account Patti Fink, who claims to work on the Dallas mayor’s “LGBT task force,” called Abbott a “mediocre MAGA idiot.”

Abbott deleted his tweet-quote shortly after posting it, but has provided no apology or retraction of what he said or offense it may have caused to Brooks fans. The “Dunning-Kruger Times” website explains that it is satire on its homepage. Abbott has not commented on the controversy.

Brooks is a well-known country musician who reached the peak of his fame in the 1990s. Brooks has spoken publicly about his liberal views and strong belief in “tolerance” and “inclusiveness,” but the alleged slur against conservatives was fake, as was the supposed festival it occurred at called the “Texas Country Jamboree in Hambriston.” Hambriston, Texas does not exist, and neither does the festival.

Abbott was apparently mixing up the satirical article with another recent real news article in which Brooks said “a**holes” are not welcome at his new drinking establishment. Brooks recently opened the Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk in Nashville, Tennessee, and announced it would be serving Bud Light in order to ensure everyone felt “safe” and respected there. Bud Light had a short-lived marketing partnership with e-celebrity and transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney in April which led to widespread conservative boycotts and controversy.

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