A New Network Is Beating Fox

(RepublicanDaily.org) – MSNBC has reportedly broken Fox News’s “120-week” streak as the leading cable news network in the nation. The Fox Corporation’s lead in network news lasted for “years”, polls by Nielsen television ratings confirmed.

Fox News has suffered in television ratings following its decision to part ways with popular show host Tucker Carlson. Carlson had become a controversial figure due to statements he had made about the 2024 Presidential Election.

Carlson, along with other Fox News personalities, had made statements reinforcing the belief among many Trump-supportive conservatives that the Biden 2020 campaign had cheated during the 2020 Presidential election. This led Dominion Voting Machines, the voting machine company that produced the voting terminals for the 2020 election, to sue the Fox News Corporation. Fox News was compelled to pay a settlement to Dominion Voting in their defamation lawsuit to avoid a trial.

Following the defamation lawsuit settlement, Carlson was let go from the network. However, Fox News claimed that their reasons for releasing Carlson from his position were not based on the lawsuit, but rather that Carlson was in breach of contract.

After Carlson left the network, conservative viewers reportedly boycotted the time slot that he previously would broadcast during. As viewers stopped tuning in at Carlson’s time slot, the viewership suffered significantly, leading Fox to go down in network polls.

Tucker Carlson’s time slot was replaced multiple times following his release from the network, including once by former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, media reports confirmed in May.

Since being released from Fox, Carlson has gone on to develop his platform on Twitter. Twitter owner Elon Musk drew criticism for allowing Carlson to have a place on the platform.

In addition to political controversy, the Tucker on Twitter show has also caused some strain between Carlson and his former network. Fox reportedly sent Carlson a “cease and desist” letter as Carlson’s competing Twitter series has “disrupted” the world of conservative media.

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