72% of Republicans Believe America Has a Morals Problem

72% of Republicans Believe America Has a Morals Problem

Majority of Republicans Believe This Is What’s KILLING America

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Moral norms have changed drastically in the United States over the years. What the average American considers “right” and “wrong” looks a lot different now than it did 100 or even 30 years ago. However, many people, particularly Conservatives, apparently feel we’re going in the wrong direction in this regard.

On Wednesday, June 15, Gallup published the results of a new poll on moral values. The survey revealed 50% of Americans believe there is currently a “poor” state of affairs with regard to moral values in the United States. That’s the highest percentage since the poll began.

Republican voters (72%) were especially likely to view moral values as poor, and this figure has risen dramatically since President Joe Biden took office. Only 36% of Democrats and 44% of independent voters say the same.

When it comes to the future of moral values in the country, poll respondents were even more negative. An overwhelming majority (93%) of Republicans think moral values are deteriorating, and 68% of Democrats are in agreement. Again, independents are closer to Democrats than Republicans on this question, with 74% stating moral values are getting worse.

What do you think about America’s moral values in the present day, and where do you think we are headed in this regard?

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