275 Troops Deployed by Alabama Governor

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Recognizing the crisis at the U.S.’ southern border, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey sent 275 troops from the National Guard to help secure the area and prevent the crossing of illegal immigrants and illegal drugs.

“Every state has become a border state under the current policies,” Ivey said in a statement, where she also reiterated Alabama’s commitment to protect the U.S.’ borders.

Ivey is part of a group of 24 other governors who have written to President Joe Biden, asking for “honest, accurate, detailed information” regarding the current state of the migrant crisis. They have expressed concern especially about the U.S.-Mexico border, which has seen a large influx of migrants and refugees attempting to cross into the U.S. illegally.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte leads the group of state chief executives, who have called out the White House for its “policies which incentivize illegal immigration.” The governors claim that the Biden administration’s immigration policies have caused undue stress on the resources and manpower of many states, as many – especially those on the border. The states have to to deal with the sudden presence of large groups of illegal immigrants on top of the increased incidence of drug and human trafficking. Since Biden took office, the governors claim that the border has seen “5.8 million illegal crossings,” with 1.6 million illegal crossers managing to escape capture.

Even Democratic states like California have not been able to gloss over the problems brought about by the problems at the border. Governor Gavin Newsom earlier announced that the state would station more law enforcement officers on the border, citing concerns with the increase of illegal drugs that enter California.

Ivey’s move follows a recent directive from the White House that allowed for additional construction of border walls in Starr County, Texas. The funds were appropriated for the construction in 2019, and approved by then president Donald Trump. While saying that he does not believe the border wall works, Biden said he allowed the construction since the funds had already been allotted and legally could no longer be reappropriated.

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